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TEASER - The Very Secret Livejournals - Season 2

Hi all,

I have now completed Dobby's Very Secret LiveJournal, and am waiting for daylyn to get back from her "Great Ocean Road Tour" and beta the final draft for me.

In the meantime, here's the first post:

TEASER - The Very Secret LiveJournal of Dobby - Season 2

POST 1: Crawled out of bed.
Crept softly down the marble staircase
into the grand foyer.
Hid in the shadow of the stairs.

Current Mood: Eavesdropping

Comment: McNair, it’s about time you arrived.
Are you ready to talk about Uncle Voldie’s Secret Plan?
- Lucius

Comment: Is anyone else here?
- McNair

Comment: Just a house elf lying naked in my bed.
- Lucius

Comment: Good.
Lucius, the Secret Plan is on schedule.
The Chamber of Secrets is about to be opened!
- McNair

Comment: Ooh, I love opening secret chambers.
Especially tight, smelly ones…
I mean… good work, McNair!
- Lucius

Comment: But Lucius, Uncle Voldie never told me
what would happen once the Chamber is opened.
- McNair

Comment: Isn’t it obvious?
The Dark Lord will return!
The Second War will begin!
The Death Eaters will take over the world!
- Lucius

Comment: Yeah, yeah, I know all that.
But aren’t you planning anything… saucy?
- McNair

Comment: Of course. We’re going to command a giant snake to
shag all the Mudbloods!
- Lucius

Comment: That’s it? There’s nothing… saucier?
- McNair

Comment: Well, we also plan to lure Harry Potter
down into the Chamber and deflower him.
- Lucius

- Dobby


Author's Note: Yes, I am an evil tease... You can expect the full LiveJournal by the end of this week.

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