Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Jasmine the Feline!Sue?

Hi all,

The Mary Sue (original character) craze has just stooped to a new low. Someone had the audacity to create a Feline!Sue!Seductress in the Garfield fandom.

I am not joking. O Love to Garfield! has got to be one of the worst, most hilariously bad Sue!Fics that has been posted on to date.


"This a story about a cat who fat but all that fat is love and this is a story"


"He nodded and went off I fated of heart broke when I work up I was at the pet hospital I look next too me I see a beautiful cat with fur as with as the snow and with a light blue bow like the blue sky. ... She look at me and said im jasmine and you are she said before I kissed her hand Garfield the name eat and sleep is the game..."


"the wedding one Christmas day I ask jasmine too merry me she said too give her a week the week went by so quickly and she sad yes my heart flip I even think I flip too but I didn’t know I fated as we kissed."

Even more astonishing, someone by the name of "Poodle" liked it.

For a more thorough exegesis on this riveting text, see the brilliant review by raresues.
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