Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

It has been a crazy week!

Hi all,

I cannot believe how crazy this past week has been.

On Tuesday, I had minor surgery.
On Thursday, I had major unnecessary RPG drama.
On Friday, I quit the bloody RPG.
On Saturday, I worked a 16 hour shift at my job, only to return home and find out that some sockpuppet troll had accused me and 167 other people of stealing her pictures and posting them to "dirty sites"
On Sunday, I started writing fanfiction again.

So I guess good things come out of drama. Yesterday, daylyn and I were working on a spin-off of The Very Secret LiveJournals, tentatively titled The Very Secret Instant Messages. In this series, we parody a different SHIP in each chapter, through instant messages, of course.

Our first SHIP - Severus/Remus (and yes, we will do H/D).

The fic should be up in a few days, depending on my work schedule this week.


PS: I wanted to extend a big thanks to harpsiccord, jdigital, narwhalhugs, skyler_daemon, perivayne, oconel and all the other awesome LJers who have gone to the different communities where that sockpuppet troll advocated banning me and 167 other innocent HP slash writers and telling the bitch off spreading the truth about her outrageous defamatory allegations!
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