Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Funny story

So I was having a late dinner at a Sushi restaurant in Manhattan with an old friend from graduate school on Saturday, and he starts telling me about his last date.

Well, the guy he's dating had a haircut before their date. So I was listening, or at least pretending to listen while glancing at the delicious-looking shshimi on the menu, when my friend whispers --

"Not that kind of haircut."

I looked up in horror -- "He didn't..."

My friend gave me an ever so guilty nod.

"But -- you can get that done professionally in Manhattan?"

Another guilty nod, and then my friend begins to explain to me how it was shaped into a nice symmetrical tuft.

I immediately flag the waiter. "Can I get a bottle of Saki? PLEASE?"
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