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SUMMARY: SLASH! PARODY!  You've all read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But for those who crave an unauthorized, uncensored view of what really happened during the final book’s epilogue - nineteen years after Harry's saucy, slashy romp at Hogwarts - read on…


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’d like to extend a special thanks to daylyn for her unfailing help and support with this fic. 



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ha ha ha!!!! LOVED much better than the one in the book...which I borrowed from the library...I'm tempted to print this out and stick it in the back before I return it...
LOL! XDDD Not the sort of thing I'd usually read, but as my LOL! ought to have implied, you had me laughing out loud throughout this fanfic. Plus, I thought the epilogue was rather cheesy, so it was satisfying to see it torn apart. ;D
omg this is HILARIOUS!!!! <33333
pretty much repeating everyone's sentiments...


you win, hands down!
YOU WIN. You just do. This is pretty much the best epilogue ever, and I'm gonna paste it into my book.
LOL! So much better than the real epilogue, this owns and pwns on so many levels! I think you've made MANY Snarry fangirls happy <3

LOL! Ginny as trash.. *raises glass* I'll drink to that!
""I only said he might be in Slytherin," said James, grinning at his younger brother.

"Your father's been in several Slytherins," Ginny muttered."

haha this is great :D
That was absolutely priceless. =)

love it.
Fantastic! So utterly perfect. Gah.
*Mouth hangs open* I am Speechless lol great job
Dude, freaking hilarious!!! Good work. :)

I wish I knew someone who'd take Polyjuice for me so I could fuck Severus. That's brilliant. XD

Deleted comment

I luv this so much....
I LOVE your icon!

Re: omg


9 years ago

omg!too funny!
Thanks. How're you doing Osi?
“He’s balding,” she said. “You should really send those hairs back with an apologetic note and a roll of duct tape.”

haha! That was like all I could think of reading the epilouge, dracos hair and self restraining coat.


I love you more than Harry loves being in Slytherin xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And you get extra points for the George/Fred mention ;D And the JK reading fanfiction. xD =DDDDDDDDDDD <3333333333 xoxxoxoxoxoxoxo Can I quote some of this on my MySpace? I'll so credit you and everything!
Please do. Thanks.


9 years ago

I am a fan of laureltx, and I like this fanfic. It's strongest in its first half, but I still prefer it to JK's epilogue. I love how this fanfic totally rips apart her pairings, and I laughed in so many places. I think I might just place this in my book in front of the real ending.
Laurel_tx rocks. I'm glad you liked the fic.
"I hear you pack a big deathstick," she cooed seductively. "Can you whip it out?"

I knew you'd add that in somewhere.
Moi? Predictable? :D
Jesus. WIN! Can I MQ the 'several Slytherins' line, please?

Too funny!
Please do. Thanks.
Ginny nodded. “But I’m not using Polyjuice this time,” she warned.
“You don’t want to be Malfoy?” Harry asked, surprised. “But I plucked five fresh hairs when I smacked him for insulting Victoire!”
Ginny shook her head adamantly. “He’s balding,” she said. “You should really send those hairs back with an apologetic note and a roll of duct tape.”

i believe this is .. this SHOULD have been the real epilogue (then i wouldn't have wished i didn't wait on line for the damn book) and it seems much more... real? i mean Harry not working? omg this was just funny!! thank u soo much for this

That was hilarious. Oh God i needed that.
Hah! hilarious! Great job! Loved every work. I ought to replacce the other epilogue with this...
Awesome. Thanks!
AHAHAHAHA!!! Loved it! You should send it to JKR; considering the rest of the book, I doubt the rating would go up all that much if she included it. ^_~
I LOVE your icon ^_^


9 years ago

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