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SUMMARY: SLASH! PARODY!  You've all read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But for those who crave an unauthorized, uncensored view of what really happened during the final book’s epilogue - nineteen years after Harry's saucy, slashy romp at Hogwarts - read on…


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’d like to extend a special thanks to daylyn for her unfailing help and support with this fic. 



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I think I hurt myself laughing. Hubby was reading over my shoulder to see why I was laughing so hard.

Bless you for this fine ending to the story.
I do believe this is the wrongest thing I have ever read.

Thank you.
(I too thought about the stag/doe connection!)
hahahahahah! My kids thing I'm insane! I rarely LITERALLY laugh out loud, but I did, several times with this one!

been in several slytherins *snorfle*
This is exactly what I needed after reading the real epilogue. Now, all is well *grins*

You're the best!

Deleted comment

I really don't think its much of a secret that Rowling reads fanfiction. I mean, we all know she didn't pull the enormously uninspired middle name "John" to complete Remus J Lupin's name out of her ass. I've been reading about Remus John Lupin for YEARS.
I hear you. But I believe she denied reading fanfiction in a recent interview.


9 years ago


9 years ago

A-fucking-mazing. Hilarious in a very good crack way.
Aiieeee!! *Adores* Time for more Arrie Fan!art! <3 And you even tossed us R/Ders a little bone. That was nice, dead nice *adores* You're going to keep us all sane during these next few months.
Ginny was hilarious! Her and Harry's interactions were just too funny. I might print this and tape it over the horrible!fic epilogue that Jo wrote.

Mpreg! Hogwarts, A History! Growing up dysfunctional! Shot-gun wedding! I am DEAD with laughter!

Thank you, thank you so much for writing this--best therapy possible for that horrible epilogue.

I knew I HAD to write this after I read that dreadful epilogue. I loved the rest of the book, but the shit hit the fan when Draco had an unnamed wife and a receding hairline! There's only so much abuse an H/D fan can take!

Anyway, I'm glad you loved this fic. I've been using my trusty Harry/Cedric laurel_tx icon and I got a number of complements on it today. :D


9 years ago


9 years ago

Oh God, this was just great! Now wasn't the epilogue like this?

Your father's been in several Slytherins

That line made me laugh the most and the rest was amusing! Good crack, good times.

Ginny glowered at him. “Your so crass, Harry.”
Oh. And is that supposed to be "You're so crass, Harry."?
Thank you thank you thank you.
i was seriously hoping you were going to do something with the epilogue.

"Your father's been in several Slytherins," Ginny muttered.

i can't even elaborate on that one. it was too hilarious, and i'm not worthy.
*SnickerGiggle* OMGHAHAHAHAHAHA ! *saves to reread*
...I (mostly) kept my composure until "Shut it, you alcoholic shrew!"

And that's when I lost it. :D
hilarious !


EXACTLY how it should have been!

OH SHIT! I just fucking died. This is soooo funny man! Totally cheered me up!
you totally made my night.
OMG, I wish this had been the real epilogue. It is too fucking hilarious! I was laughing the whole time and I couldn't stop, seriously. The funniest parts were the Goyle Mpreg part, and the As/S part- though the whole thing was funny in general! I am bookmarking this for later reading, because I know this'll always be funny- even in a few months. xD

Haha... a tent... that killed me. And poor Lily. <333
LMAO. Oh man, thanks for that. :D
I think I just died a little. I mean that in a good way. XD

This is going into my memories.
HAHAHHA! That is damned awesome. I loved it. Much better than that tripe J.K wrote... she almost ruined the whole book!
Thanks. I'm glad you loved it! I actually liked DH but that sugar-coatending was horrific. Hence this fic.
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