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Harry lay in bed watching the clock. It was Friday night, three hours after Malfoy was supposed to meet with Bella Lestrange, and, quite frankly, Harry was really nervous. Hopefully Parkinson had received his note…

Harry turned to admire his floral surroundings. Malfoy had completely outdone himself. After their tiff on Thursday night, Malfoy had ordered Harry five dozen imported long-stem roses, a gigantic Swiss chocolate bar, and an adorable white teddy bear which coincidentally was about three times the size of Wood’s Paddington bear.

But as much as Harry loved his new gifts, he wondered if he would have received them had Wood not first raised the bar. After all, his entire relationship with Malfoy… if he could call it that… was predicated on Malfoy attempting to deflect Wood’s advances.

Suddenly, he heard voices in the hallway.

“Hi Harry,” Ginny said, “How’re you feeling? We came to visit you.”

Harry turned to see Ginny and Oliver Wood entering the room. Ginny looked at Harry, then at all of the roses, chocolates and teddy bears, and her eyes widened.

“What the fuck? Who sent you all these flowers, you stud?”

Wood smirked. “Well I sent him those,” pointing to the solitary vase in the corner by the bed. “But obviously a certain bloke was hell bent on upstaging me.”

Ginny and Wood exchanged glances, then they turned to look at Harry, who blushed.

“Malfoy?” Ginny and Wood asked simultaneously.

Harry swallowed hard. Then Ginny continued. “Harry, you’re an animal. That beer I sent you must have worked miracles.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Harry replied, now looking like a burnt radish. Harry could see the color drain out of Woods face a bit as Wood realized that Malfoy was real competition.

“So how’re ya feeling, Harry?” Wood asked, trying to change the subject from darling Draco dearest.

“Not good. Well, actually, I’m feeling better now that you’re both here.”

“Ginny, can we… er… have some privacy?” Wood asked politely.

Ginny was too preoccupied looking at all of Harry’s roses and chocolates. “Can I have one?” Ginny asked. She grabbed a few chocolates and devoured them before Harry could respond affirmatively.

“Why don’t you take the whole box… outside,” Wood added.

Ginny glared at him, not really mad, then sauntered towards the door.

“I’ll be waiting for you boys,” she said in a sultry voice.

Wood and Harry locked eyes. “So you’re smitten with Malfoy, eh Potter?” Wood asked.

Harry didn’t answer. He just looked at Wood. Wood was so pretty and genuinely nice. Harry didn’t know why the sparks just weren’t there but…

“It’s okay, mate,” Wood continued, grabbing Harry’s hand gently. “You know… I’m a bit too proud and a bit too vain to beg.” Wood smirked at Harry who smiled back awkwardly, not exactly sure what was the right thing to say at this moment.

“But just remember, Potter, if he hurts you, I’ll have to kill him. Or even worse, I’ll just steal you back.”

There was a long pause.

“Thanks for being so understanding,” Harry finally stated, grinning uneasily at Wood. Wood kissed Harry on the top of his head and then stood up.

“Oh Gin, you can come in now. I still haven’t told Harry about…”

“Ooh, I can’t wait,” Ginny replied, dashing back into the room carrying a half empty box of chocolates.

“About what?” Harry asked nervously.

“About our date, of course,” Wood added. “You owe me a date, remember?”

“But I thought…” Harry stammered.

“Don’t worry. I’m coming, too,” Ginny added. “Ollie and I decided that we’re gonna take you out for drinks at Merlin’s End as soon as you get out of this bloody Infirmary.”

“But isn’t that a gay bar?” Harry stated uncomfortably.

“Well, of course it’s a gay bar,” Ginny replied. “What do you want to do, hang out with a bunch of boring straight people? I mean… this is going to be so much more fun. I can’t wait to dress you up and…”

“C’mon, Harry,” Wood added. “You’re gonna enjoy yourself… I promise.”

“But… a g-g-g-gay bar?” Harry stuttered.

Ginny gave Wood an ‘I’ll work on the closet case’ look. Oliver smirked.

“Harry, let me make this easy for you,” Ginny added. “You’re coming. Now would you rather wear spandex or leather?”

“Ginny, you’re… er… sweet. But I don’t think I’ll live long enough to go…”

“Harry, three words - get over it,” Ginny replied. “You’re not gonna die. You’re a drama queen, but you’re not gonna die. Just think… now you have something to live for…”

Harry shuddered.

“Well, I best be going,” Wood stated, patting Harry on the shoulder. “Take care Potter…”

After Wood exited the room, Ginny turned to Harry and her eyes widened. “Okay, dish.”

“What?” Harry replied.

“Well, um… Malfoy… flowers… magic beer… you know you owe me an explanation.”

Harry nodded in acknowledgement. “Thanks Ginny. I’m sorry I chewed you out last weekend. You always meant to help and I just wasn’t able to see it.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ginny replied. “I accept your apology, now I want the dirt. Did you guys kiss? Well of course you kissed. How was it? I want every detail!”

Harry just smiled at her. “What was in that magic beer anyway?”

“Oh, my usual… a double shot of whiskey.”

“But I thought you said you drugged it? You told me…”

“Harry, I told you what you needed to hear,” Ginny replied. “You pursued Malfoy out of your own free will. I just spiked your beer to loosen you up. And by the looks of these flowers, you must have become an animal. Now c’mon, Harry. Enquiring minds need to know...”


Hermione waited in the history section of the library for Malfoy. It was already ten after midnight, and she was really worried that Draco was not going to show up. ‘But he gave me his word,’ she thought. ‘If he cared for Harry, then he’d have to come.’

Finally, she heard footsteps outside. Draco Malfoy entered the library looking like shit. His hair was messy and his clothing was torn.

“Don’t ask,” Draco muttered.

“I won’t,” Hermione replied, slightly concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Just tell Boy Wonder that after you cure him I am going to kill him. Oh, and… uh… the cure for Potter’s condition is Doxycide Draught. I know that for a fact. And… uh… you can get the ingredient’s you need from Snape’s potion cabinet.”

Hermione looked at Malfoy incredulously. “But… how did you find all this out?”

“I told you, Granger, I have my sources,” Draco replied. “Here’s my secret key to Snape’s Potions Closet. That I want back.”

Draco handed her the key, turned and started staggering away.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Hermione asked.

Draco nodded and kept walking.

“Okay… um… thank you…” Hermione called after him.


“Pssst… Harry,” Hermione whispered, nudging the pale raven-haired boy.

“What time is it?” Harry grumbled, scrounging around for his glasses.

“It’s just after three,” Hermione replied, excited.

“3:00 AM? What’re you…. doing… up?” Harry replied, exhausted.

“Well, I’m saving your life, of course,” Hermione stated as she began to remove the blood saturated gauze over Harry’s scar. The scar was still black and oozing blood. Harry looked up at Hermione strangely, but he was too exhausted to object.

“This might sting a bit,” Hermione stated, unscrewing the cap off of a vial of green bubbling liquid and pouring it onto Harry’s scar.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Harry screamed. “What the fuck is that?”

“Stop whining, it’s your antidote, Harry. You’re gonna be alright,” Hermione beamed.

Harry reached up and touched his scar. He could feel the scar slowly begin to knit back together, causing the bleeding to subside. Hermione dabbed away the dried blood from Harry’s face, but as she saw the scar begin to heal, her eyes suddenly became teary.

“Oh Harry,” Hermione said, giving him a hug. “I’ve missed you so much. Don’t ever… try to die on me again.”

“I love you too, Hermione,” Harry replied, gently playing with her hair. “Thank you for being such a good friend.” Harry blinked back tears rather ineffectively. The two sat there, teary eyed, for a few minutes in silence.

“How did you find out about the cure, anyway?” Harry finally asked.

“Oh, your boyfriend figured it out,” Hermione replied.

“My boyfriend?” Harry replied.

“His boyfriend?” Draco added.

Harry and Hermione both turned to the invisible Draco who had obviously been watching them the entire time. Draco took off the invisibility cloak.

“Er… hi,” Harry, now alert, said to Draco.

Hermione grabbed her wand, stood up, and started pacing towards Draco. “So what do you think we should do with the voyeur, Harry?”

“Wait… what?” Draco said, stumbling backwards. Hermione pointed her wand right at him.

“You know it’s not nice to eavesdrop on private conversations, Malfoy,” Hermione continued, closing in on him.

“But… wait… I thought…” Draco stammered.

“Hermione, what’re you doing?” Harry asked nervously.

“I think we need to teach this nosy prat a lesson,” Hermione said, now pointing her wand inches from Draco’s face. Draco was shaking. Suddenly, a smile cracked on her face and she pounced on Malfoy, giving him a huge bear hug and a big ol’ sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Granger… get off… get off of me!” Malfoy cried, trying the pry the bushy haired girl off of him. Harry giggled. “It’s not funny, Potter!” Malfoy cried, still under seize.

“I never thought I’d say this to you, Malfoy. But thanks…” Hermione said, finally letting him go.

“Don’t mention it,” Draco mumbled, quivering like he just caught a gigantic case of the cooties. “But… don’t ever do that again, okay?”

Hermione shook her head. “G’nite, boys,” she cooed, handing Malfoy back his key to Snape’s Potions Closet, picking up her belongings, and walking out of the room. She closed the door and both blokes heard her cast a fairly complicated locking charm.

Draco swallowed hard. “Did she just… lock us in here… together?” he stammered.

Harry motioned to Draco to come over and sit next to him, but Draco shook his head.

“I’m still mad at you, Potter,” Draco stated, though he didn’t sound that mad.

Harry snickered.

“It’s not funny,” Draco pouted. “I told you not to tell anyone about my meeting with Bella and intentionally sent bloody Parkinson a love note so that she would interrupt my meeting and…”

“I’ve been a bad boy, Malfoy,” Harry stated. “Now will you just shut up and kiss me?”

Draco walked over to Harry’s bed. “Since when did you get so feisty?” he asked, sitting down next to Potter.

Harry reached up and yanked Draco down on top of him, wrapping his legs around the blonde’s torso so that Malfoy couldn’t escape.

“D’you like… feisty?” Harry asked, minimizing the distance between them.

“Maybe,” Draco replied, impaling Potter with a characteristic Malfoy stare. Harry gently ran his hands through Draco’s hair, then yanked his head down and kissed him full on the mouth. The kiss was electrifying… Harry felt his whole body quiver with anticipation as his tongue penetrated Draco’s mouth and wrestled with Draco’s tongue.

“I thought you were sick,” Draco sputtered, breaking off the kiss. Harry grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back down for Round 2. After an extensive make-out session, Harry cuddled up next to Draco, only to notice a series of hickies and scratches on his newly exposed chest.

“Were those from your date with Parkinson?” Harry asked curiously, pointing to one of the marks.

Draco nodded and rolled back on top of Harry. “You [kiss] are lucky [kiss] you’re in the Infirmary [kiss].”

Harry giggled. “So I guess [kiss] I owe you [deep kiss], right?”

Draco grinned. “Well I did save your life [kiss].”

“Well then,” Harry replied, wrapping his arms around Malfoy’s waist. “What d’you want me to do [kiss] to pay you [kiss] back?”

“Hmm…” Draco mused. “I’ll have to [kiss] think about [deep kiss]… HEY!” Draco swatted Harry hand, which had been slowly creeping down towards Draco’s crotch.

“C’mon Malfoy [kiss],” Harry pleaded. “We have three hours…”

“Three [kiss] hours [kiss]?”

“Madam Pomfrey won’t be back [kiss] until 7:00 AM [really deep kiss].” Harry gave Draco a firm slap on the arse.

“But I thought you were sick [kiss]?” Draco whined.


Ginny rolled out of bed at eleven, took a two hour mango bubble bath in the Prefect’s Bathroom and then sauntered over towards the Infirmary to say hello to Harry. The word that Harry had been cured by Hermione had spread like wildfire throughout the Gryffindor Dormitory, and by about 8:00 AM, everybody knew. But Ginny knew better than to harass Harry at an ungodly hour in the morning, especially since she figured that a certain Slytherin probably caused him extensive sleep deprivation.

“Ginny, we’ve been looking everywhere for you,” Ron called out, interrupting her train of thought. Ginny turned to see Ron and Dean Thomas standing together. “I need you to train Dean.”

“What?” Ginny asked, horrified.

“Yeah, the first game’s in two weeks, and it looks like Harry’ll be able to play so… I need you to get Dean here up to par.”

“Okay,” Ginny replied. “Next week then.” She turned to walk away, having no intention whatsoever of training her ex-boyfriend to…

“Actually sis, I was hoping you could work with him now, see.”

Ginny turned in horror. “Now?”

Ron and Dean nodded, and then they looked at each other sneakily. Ginny, however, immediately picked up on their oh so subtle communication. SHE WAS GOING TO MURDER RON WITH HER BARE HANDS!

“Great,” Ginny sneered. “So, after our quidditch practice, d’you want me to drop by to help you pick out your outfit for your date with Cho?”

“DATE?” Ron and Dean both stated, taken aback.

“Oops… I meant… night out,” Ginny smirked. Dean turned to Ron, eager to pump him for information. Ron turned purple with embarrassment.

“Sure… yeah… I gotta go,” Ron added, hightailing it out of there.

Dean walked up to Ginny and casually draped his arm around her shoulder as they walked over to the pitch. Ginny glared at him.

“So what do I have to do to get a second chance?” Dean asked.

“With what?” Ginny replied.

“With you,” Dean answered.

Ginny handed him a racing broom. “There are no second chances, Dean. Only first mistakes…”


Hermione was beaming. She had just got back from visiting Harry, and he was looking so much healthier today… it was as if the old Harry was back and… she felt important and needed again.

“Hi Hermione,” Ginny stated, knocking lightly on the door before letting herself in.

“Ginny,” Hermione replied in a not-so-warm fashion. “What do you want?”

“To apologize.” Ginny approached Hermione, who glared at the redhead suspiciously.

“Ginny, you don’t need to apologize to me,” Hermione stated curtly.

“But you haven’t spoken to me in a week,” Ginny pleaded. “You don’t trust me anymore.”

“Well of course I don’t trust you,” Hermione exclaimed. “You’re a manipulative little bitch who meddles in everyone else’s lives and… you could’ve really hurt Harry.”

“I guess I deserved that,” Ginny sulked. “But as for Harry, he would never be snogging with the virgin ferret if it weren’t for me, and you’d still be banging your head against the wall wondering why Harry was still shutting you out.”

Hermione glared at her. “Fine. But that still doesn’t excuse your behavior. And don’t think I don’t know about your scheme to reinvent Ron.”

Ginny smirked devilishly. “Why Hermione, I didn’t realize that I was scheming. Tell me, do you have a problem with Ron becoming the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Captain?”

“Well no, of course not,” Hermione admitted.

“And what about Ron’s new wardrobe? Do you think he should dress in Percy’s hand-me-down rags?”

“I never said that, Ginny,” Hermione countered. “Don’t put words in my mouth…”

“Then obviously you have a problem with Ron going to the school gym, or is it the fact that Ron has a sexy new haircut, or maybe you’re just jealous because he’s going out with Cho.”

“I never said I have a problem with… he’s what?!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I guess he didn’t want to tell you. But then again, I probably wouldn’t have told you either, because you don’t seem very supportive.”

“How dare you!” Hermione screeched. “I’ve been one of Ron’s best friends for six years!”

“Then obviously you want what’s in his best interest, right?” Ginny asked.

“Well, of course I do…” Hermione replied uncomfortably.

“Then be a friend, Hermione… and let him go.”


Ron was really nervous. He promised Cho that he would meet her and the other two Quidditch Team Captains for a Hogsmeade pub crawl, but somehow Ginny made it sound like this was a “date,” which made Ron very uncomfortable. This was, after all, his first… date… ever.

“Oi Ron,” Cho called out to the redhead from the Great Hall. Ron approached her. Cho looked ravishing, and Ron found it very difficult not to look at her low cut sexy black dress.

“Where… er… are the other Captains?” Ron asked.

Cho looked at him, amused. “Oh, they both got sick. But I was hoping… that we could still go out, if you like?”

“Yeah… I mean… yes… sure,” Ron stammered. Cho’s eyes flickered devilishly as she put her hand around his waist and led Ron out of the castle.


Hermione watched Ron leave with Cho. She didn’t believe Ginny at first… or maybe she didn’t want to believe Ginny… or maybe Ginny was right… she was jealous. But as Ron walked out of the castle with Cho Chang, chills surged within her. She wanted to scream, ‘No, Ron! No!’ But she knew that she couldn’t. Ginny was right. If she really were Ron’s friend, then she would have to accept this new mature side of him… she had no business holding him back.

Hermione wiped the tears that were now staining her cheeks. In one week, she had lost a part of both Harry and Ron. She yearned for the sheltered innocence and platonic intimacy that they once had enjoyed… Now, Harry had Malfoy, and Ron had Cho… and she was back on the sidelines… all alone.

Hermione opened her mouth once more, sobbing, when an unexpected hand started stroking her bushy brown hair.

“Are you alright, Hermione?”

“Neville? What’re you doing here?”

Hermione turned around and faced the incredibly hot Gryffindor that she had ignored for six years. Neville’s golden tan and long brown hair accentuated his devastating blue eyes and his newly developed physique. Hermione was surprised that she hadn’t noticed Neville earlier. After all, he was incredibly good-looking. But moreover, he was a gentle, caring, kind-hearted soul, and he radiated an unadulterated innocence that Hermione found intoxicating.

Neville took out a handkerchief and dabbed away her tears. Hermione smiled and gave him a hug. She immediately felt better embraced in his warmth. For a moment, she stopped thinking about Ron’s date with Cho, and Harry’s relationship with Malfoy. Instead, she closed here eyes as Neville kissed her passionately. Or was she the one kissing him? Did it matter?


Ginny had her plan all figured out. Well, at least she thought that she did. Cho was going to take the newly attractive Ron out to make Hermione jealous. Then, Hermione was supposed to make a preemptive strike on Ron, end up shagging him silly and the Ron would stop foiling all of Ginny’s attempts to seduce Neville. It was a simple scheme, really, and then good ol’ Granger had to screw it up.

Now Ginny did feel bad as she watched Hermione get all sappy and sentimental about Ron dating Cho, but she was not expecting for that two-faced vixen to turn around and ensnare her man! Ginny narrowed her eyes as she watched Hermione embrace Neville in the distance. This was a declaration of war!


Draco Malfoy was in a good mood. Actually, he was in a damn good mood. Heck, he didn’t even trip some insignificant first year Gryffindors while walking down the hall to the Infirmary. It had been over a half day since he had last kissed Potter, and Draco decided that that he had to see him again. The Infirmary’s visiting hours were over, but he knew that he could sneak in on weekends anytime after 8:00 PM and… well… if Harry was feeling better…

Just as Draco turned to approach the Infirmary, his owl, Hades, arrived carrying a letter. Draco took the letter and stiffened… the envelope bore his family crest. Draco nervously opened it.


I know about Potter.
Break it off. Now.


Draco was mortified. It was bad enough that his father knew about Potter, but Draco immediately recognized a more haunting reality. His father couldn’t have written this letter to him from Azkaban. They don’t allow prisoners to read or write mail. Lucius must have escaped.


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  • fanfiction

    so aside from (which refuses to die), where is the bulk of hp fanfiction posted these days? twitter? Posted via LiveJournal app…

  • Question

    So I was scrolling through a number of HP communities that I used to frequent when I was active in the fandom several years ago and a lot of them are…

  • Epilogue

    Hi all, So I saw DH Part Deux on Friday night and then immediately went home and reread Epilogue -- my slash parody of the DH epilogue that I…