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The War Within - Chapter 11



“Riparian,” Hermione whispered softly.

“Rye-par-EE-un,” Neville whispered back. He reached up and ran his thumb and forefinger around a tangled lock of her curly, brown hair.

It was now Sunday afternoon, and the two Gryffindors were lying on the green outside of the castle, with Dennis Creevey standing guard to protect Neville from any unwanted intrusions.

“No,” Hermione cooed. “The emphasis is on the second syllable. Ry-PEAR-ee-uhn.”

Neville grinned, still toying with her hair. “Rye-PAR-ee-un… was that better?”

Hermione nodded slightly, then leaned her head back on top of Neville’s chest and gazed at the gorgeous pale blue Scottish sky.

“Uh, Hermione… what’s a riparian?” Neville asked.

“Riparian is an adjective meaning something that pertains to the bank of a river or stream,” Hermione replied, turning slightly to meet his eyes. Neville’s eyes were haunting shade of blue, and by the expression on Neville’s face, she could see that he was thinking of something, but was unsure if he wanted to ask.

“What is it?” she asked.

“So does that mean that, if I move to a house overlooking a river, that I become a riparian?”

“Sort of… usually it has more to do with Muggle water rights. But I guess you could call yourself a riparian land owner if you wish.”

“Oh,” Neville replied, still running his hands through her hair. Hermione looked back up at the sky and rested her body against Neville’s torso. There was silence for a few moments.

“Hermione,” Neville finally said.


“When I… uh… graduate and leave Hogwarts… I wanna be a riparian.”

“You want to deal with Muggle water rights?” Hermione asked, confused.

“No. I want to live near a river. There’s something pure and simple about it. It’s liberating really. And I just love hearing the sound of water rushing by.”

Hermione turned. “When I graduate, I want to go to the city. London. I guess I’m a city girl, but there’s something exciting about millions of people leading independent lives, and yet all coexisting in one metropolis.”

“So does that mean we’ll buy a house overlooking Canary Wharf in London?” Neville asked.

“WE?” Hermione replied, shocked.

“Well…” Neville whispered back, slowly taking her hand and squeezing it slightly. “Don’t you want to be… joint ripareans?”

“There’s no such thing. There are joint tenants, co-tenants, tenants in common, tenants by the entirety and even…”

Neville leaned down and interrupted her diatribe with a kiss.

“Fine,” he replied. “We could be ripareans in common… or co-ripareans or… maybe we won’t even need to classify it. Maybe we’ll just live our lives without textbook definitions.”

Hermione looked back up at him. “That was… very romantic.”

“I figured you’d like the textbook definitions line. I’ve been harboring that one for a while.”

“No silly, that’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you find romantic?” Neville whispered softly is a quasi-seductive tone.

“You pronounced it correctly,” Hermione replied.

“Pronounced what?”

“Riparean,” Hermione said, blushing.

“I did?” Neville asked.

“You did.”

Hermione looked up and kissed Neville, then turn and snuggled against him, basking in the warmth of the sun and the shelter of his arms.


Ginny was really, really, really, really, really pissed off. She was so mad her face flushed red. How DARE that two-timing, back-stabbing hussie teach esoteric legalese to her man? Ginny thought about simply cursing Hermione while she was engaged in yet another sickening intimate moment, but Neville would probably never speak to her again and Dennis Creevey was too shrewd to allow her to get within firing range.

Ginny’s eyes met Dennis’ and he gave her a death glare. His hand was resting firmly on his wand and he was just waiting for her to make a move.

Ginny turned and walked toward the quidditch pitch. Watching Hermione and Neville make out was nauseating, and she would rather not lose her lunch over bloody Granger. Besides, she would get her revenge… and it would be brilliant.

“Oi Ginny,” Cho called from the pitch.

“Hey Cho,” Ginny replied. “Thanks for coming through for me last night.”

“No problem,” Cho responded. “I had a great time with Ron.”

“Well you don’t need to see him anymore. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out as I expected, since Hermione decided to not to snatch Ron away from you after all.”

“That’s great,” Cho replied. “Because I’d kill the hussie if she so much as laid a finger on my man.”


“Well, let’s just say Ron and I had a very good time last night.”

“But I thought… you were dating Mikey Corner?”

“I was… but your brother is sooooo generous,” Cho blushed as a smirk emerged on her lips.

“You dirty whore,” Ginny replied. “You didn’t tell me you were actually going to seduce my brother.”

“How d’you know he didn’t seduce me?” Cho giggled.

Ginny looked Cho straight in the eye. “My brother Ron couldn’t seduce a prostitute with 500 Galleons.”

“As if you should talk,” Cho purred. “Your seduction skills are so honed that you had to tie Dean Thomas to the bed just to get a quick bang and, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t you say he couldn’t perform?”

Ginny glared at Cho. “Is this the part where I scratch your face and pull your hair, or do I first have to slap you?”

“Umm… the slap definitely comes first. And it has to be a good firm bitchslap.”

The girls burst out laughing.

“Sorry Cho, I just can’t see it,” Ginny stated. “I mean… I know it’s great for Ron to have an easy bang like you but…”

“Did YOU just call ME an easy bang?”

“Why yes I did, sweetheart. You were the one who referred to my brother as ‘generous’ on your ‘first date.’”

“And you know all about generosity, don’t you, Ginny? Would you like me to recount your last boyfriends?”

“Let’s not talk about old boyfriends, Cho. You know you don’t want to go there.”

“Maybe not, but now that I’m getting some action, it puts things into perspective. You know what I mean, sweetheart?”

Ginny bitchslapped Cho. Cho scratched Ginny’s face and pulled her hair. Ginny leapt on top of Cho and the two wrestled to the ground. A crowd begin forming around them cheering as the girls attacked each other.

“Ahem… ladies,” Albus Dumbledore said, now standing over the two girls.

Ginny let go of Cho’s hair and looked up. “Oh, we were just…”

“Busted,” Cho added, releasing Ginny from a headlock.


Draco left the Dungeon to go visit Harry in the Infirmary. It was now Sunday night. Draco had planned to visit Harry on Saturday night, but the shock of receiving the owl from his father ordering him to dump Potter prompted Draco to retreat to the Dungeon instead. Draco spent the last twenty-four hours in solitude, pondering over and over what he should do. Should he tell Harry the truth about the owl? Should he ignore the owl? Or should he just break it off? Why were things so bloody complicated?

Draco approached the entrance to the Infirmary. Next to the door was a large mirror with a gothic frame. Draco shuddered when at first he looked into the mirror and didn’t see his own reflection. Suddenly, he realized that he was covered by Harry’s invisibility cloak. Draco looked back at the vacant mirror, entranced by its emptiness. He knew what he had to do…


“I was wondering when you’d come,” Harry said, lying on his hospital bed. Harry had heard Draco’s footsteps enter the room, and he figured that Malfoy was now seated on the bed adjacent to him.

Draco didn’t reply to Harry’s comment. There was silence for a few moments.

“I thought you’d come last night,” Harry continued.

Draco still didn’t reply. Harry reached over and grabbed at the location where he thought Draco was seated. After a few tries, Harry grabbed the invisibility cloak and uncovered Draco. He was ghostly pale and stoic.

Harry beckoned for Draco to sit down next to him on the bed. Draco didn’t move. A faint smirk appeared on Harry’s lips.

“All right, enough with the silent treatment, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Draco replied.

“Nothing?” Harry asked.

Draco shook his head tentatively.

“Well then come over here and kiss me, you prat,” Harry giggled.

Draco didn’t move.

“If I have to get out of this bed in order to claim what’s mine, I’m gonna have to punish you, Malfoy,” Harry joked.

Harry sat up and looked in Draco’s eyes. He clearly wasn’t amused. His murky grey eyes were sad. Very sad. Harry could detect that Draco was trembling ever so faintly, and yet he was working very hard to contain it. Harry climbed off of his bed and sat down on the bed next to Draco. Something must have happened. Harry knew it. But why wasn’t Draco talking to him about it?

“Are you… all right?” Harry asked.

Draco did not reply. Harry laid his hand on top of Draco’s shoulder and begin to lightly stroke it.

“Get. Your. Hand. Off. Of. Me.” Draco barked.

Harry jumped back reflexively, shocked.

“What? What’s wrong, Draco?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Potter,” Draco replied coldly.

“Then why did you just bite my head off?” Harry asked, clearly upset.

“I didn’t bite your head off. I told you to keep your fucking paws to yourself.”

Harry’s mouth dropped. He felt hurt… and violated… and at the same time extremely concerned.

“What happened, Malfoy? Don’t bullshit me. I know something happened.”

“Nothing happened, Potter,” Malfoy replied in a controlled monotone voice.

“So you expect me to believe that your behavior is normal? That it is normal for a bloke who bought me five dozen roses of Friday, who risked his life to save mine two days ago, who snogged with me for four hours the last time we were together in this very room… you expect me to believe that it’s normal for someone who had been so brave and intimate to suddenly push me away?”

The was silence for several moments. Draco didn’t reply.

“Look, I… I care about you, Draco. I can’t help it. I need to know what happened. Please let me in. Tell me…”

“I said nothing happened, Potter.”

“Don’t insult me, Malfoy. I am not that dense. I know something happened and it hurts me to think that you wouldn’t trust me enough to at least give me an explanation.”

Draco remained silent. Harry continued:

“I want to know why you’re suffering in silence, Draco. I need to know why you built a wall around yourself and are now afraid to let me in.”

“Leave me alone, Potter.”

“Alone? Why did you come here if you just wanted to be alone?”

“I came here… to tell you… that’s it’s over, Potter. Whatever we had is dead.”

Harry looked at Draco, stunned. Draco eyes were flaring and he was working very hard to seem in control, but it was obvious that his words were manufactured.

“And you expect me to believe that?” Harry asked, blinking back tears.

“I don’t give a fuck what you believe, Potter. It’s over. I just thought you should know…”

Harry froze. Draco’s venomous words stung Harry deeply, and yet he knew that Draco was suffering even more than he, and that Draco didn’t really want it to end… at least not like this.

“Draco, stop this. You’re hurting me. Is that really what you want?”

Tears welled up in Harry’s eyes. Draco looked at him, and at that moment Harry was sure he saw a terrified tear stain Draco’s cheek as well. Trembling, Harry reached up and placed his hand on Draco’s hand.

“Tell me what happened,” Harry pleaded. “Please… I know… whatever it is… we can figure something out. Just don’t shut me out, Draco…”

Draco looked like he was going to implode. He was trembling under the weight of Harry’s hand. For a moment, Harry felt Draco grasp his palm, but then Draco suddenly let it go.

“I said… get your fucking hands off of me, Potter,” Draco rasped.

Harry yanked his hand back, wounded. The two boys were both teary and yet the wall between them seemed impenetrable.

“You know,” Harry said, “I still have nightmares where I relive my parents’ murder, but I would never take those horrible dreams out on you. I still bear the guilt of Cedric Diggory’s death, but I would never take that guilt out on you. My godfather was murdered by Bella Lestrange three months ago in an attack probably orchestrated by your father, but I would never take my pain out on you. SO HOW FUCKING DARE YOU TAKE YOUR SHIT OUT ON ME!!!”

Harry and Draco both froze, neither of them foreseeing Harry’s outburst. The tension in the room was suffocating. Harry wiped an angry tear from his eye and continued:

“I’m gonna give you one last chance, Malfoy. Either you tell me what the fuck is going on, or you walk out that door right now and don’t come back. Because as much as it tortures me to see you suffering like this, I would rather be alone than to remain like this with you.”

Draco didn’t reply. Instead, he stood up and began staggering towards the doorway. But when he was about halfway across the room, he turned and looked at Harry’s tortured, tearstained face.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” Harry screamed.

Draco shuddered and then turned around and walked out of the room. Harry stared at the empty doorway, shaking.


“Men are pigs,” Ginny stated.

“”Scum,” Harry replied.

“I hate them,” Ginny added.

“Me, too.”

“They’re only good for one thing, and sometimes they can’t even do that.”

“Hey!” Harry replied.

Ginny smirked. “I knew I could get a rise out of you. You have to get out of bed, Harry. It’s been two days since you were discharged from the Infirmary, and you’re just sitting here, holed up in your dorm room, hiding from life.”

“I like hiding from life,” Harry replied, sulking.

“Well you’re certainly not going to be hiding on Friday night?”


“Remember our date with Ollie?”

Harry paled. “Oh, that’s on Friday?”

Ginny grinned. “It certainly is. And it will do you a lot of good to get out of this Hellhole for an evening and have some fun.”

Harry shuddered. “You call that fun?”

Ginny smirked. “Well it beats lying around here wallowing in self-pity.”

“I am NOT wallowing in self-pity… well maybe just a little. I just don’t understand what happened. I keep replaying our fight over and over, wondering what could possibly have prompted Draco to suddenly change so drastically overnight.”

“It was probably his time of the month,” Ginny replied.

“Men don’t have times of the month,” Harry retorted.

“Are you kidding? Guys can so act menopausal. He probably just freaked out about snogging with his former arch enemy. He’ll get over it and come back begging... I promise.”

“But will I take him back…?”

“Well, of course you’re gonna take him back. Don’t be ridiculous, Harry. You might be proud, but you’re not stupid. But I think it would do Draco some good to know that you went out on a date with another man.”

“Ginny, it’s not a date, and…. I can’t use people like that.”

“Fine. A ‘not-a-real-date’ date. Whatever. But that prat will still become insanely jealous, even if you guys aren’t speaking at the moment.”

“Really?” Harry asked, feeling slightly better.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”


Pansy brought Draco some soup. Chicken soup. She put the soup next to his bed and sat down on the chair next to him. He ignored her.

“You have to eat,” Pansy said.

“Sod off, bitch,” Draco replied.

“I know you mean that as a term of endearment,” Pansy added, messing up Draco’s hair. Draco rolled over and buried his face in his pillow.

“Leave me alone,” he replied.

“Only if you promise you’ll eat. I’m worried about you, Draco. You’ve been sick for two days. I think you should see Madam Pomfrey.”

“I’ll eat,” Draco hissed into his pillow.

“You’d better… the Halloween Ball is going to be here in a few weeks, and you can’t go to the ball looking like you are recovering from jaundice.”

Draco glared at her. “How dare you… you know very well that even if I had jaundice I would never go to the ball appearing like I had jaundice.”

“I meant that metaphorically,” Pansy replied.

“Well, I meant that literally,” Draco retorted.

“So what d’you think we should wear to the ball?” Pansy asked, changing the subject. “We have to be the objects of desire.”

Draco’s eyes suddenly lit up and a faint smirk appeared across his face.

“Yes, and we shall. I think you should wear something really sexy. Maybe we’ll go shopping for a dress robe in Hogsmeade on Friday evening after school lets out.”

“Oh, Drakey-Poo. You already look better. But we can’t go to Hogsmeade unless you get well. Now eat your soup.”


Harry was feeling better after his conversation with Ginny. It was now Thursday, one day before his outing with Wood and Ginny, and he finally left the dormitory and attended some classes. Dumbledore had suspended Harry’s detention indefinitely after his injury, and Harry was hopeful that the Headmaster would conveniently forget to reinstate it.

On his way back from Divination, Harry was cornered by Hermione and Ron.

“Hi Harry,” Hermione said, glowing.

“Yeah, hey mate,” Ron replied.

Both of them were in way too good of a mood for Harry’s liking.

“Er… hi guys.”

“We haven’t really chatted with you since you were released from the Infirmary,” Hermione and Ron cheered in unison.

“Yeah, I haven’t been feeling that well…” Harry replied uneasily. Ginny had already told Harry about Ron’s relationship with Cho and Hermione’s relationship with Neville, and quite frankly the last thing he needed was to hear about how happy they were now that they were both in love.

“Well, we have some great news, Harry,” Hermione and Ron replied, again in unison.

Harry shuddered. “Go on…”

“You first, Hermione,” Ron said.

“Well, Harry, Neville and I have started dating. And I am so happy and… he even carries my books for me when we go to the library, and he’s just so sweet and innocent and nice.”

Harry feigned a smile. “That’s really great, Hermione. I’m so glad you’re happy.”

“And guess what, mate,” Ron added. “I’ve been dating Cho. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No Ron, I don’t have a problem with you shagging my ex-girlfriend without asking me. You just go right on ahead.”

“That’s great, but how did you know we were shagging?”

“Don’t ask.”

“I won’t.”

“Ronald Weasley, I can’t believe you lost your virginity before I did,” Hermione added.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Harry dashed off in the distance.

“What’s his problem?” Ron asked.

“Beats me,” Hermione replied.

“Well, d’you want to go on a double date on Friday night?”

“Sure, and we can invite Harry. I’m sure he’d love to join us.”


“What d’you mean you already have plans?” Hermione asked.

Harry looked back up at Hermione and Ron, who were both standing over his bed in the boy's dorm room. It was now Thursday night.

“I’ve made plans with Ginny and Oliver,” Harry replied.

“Well, that’s great,” Ron added. “We could all go out in a group!”

“Umm... not this time, Ron. We have a threesome planned.”

“WHAT?!” Hermione and Ron replied in horror.

“Not that kind of threesome. It’s just that Ginny planned an event for just the three of us and she has been really looking forward to it and I don’t want to interfere…”

“Well, maybe I can talk to Ginny,” Ron replied.

Hermione nodded.

“Yeah, you talk to her,” Harry replied. “But it’s not a big deal. We can do something over the weekend, on Saturday or Sunday perhaps.”

“Great, I’ll tell Neville and Cho,” Hermione replied. “We can all go out on Saturday night.”

“Umm… if you don’t mind, I’d rather just go out with the two of you… alone.”

“Why?” Hermione asked. “You don’t want to be around Neville?”

“I thought you liked Cho?” Ron added.

“I do,” Harry pleaded. “I like them both… a lot. But I’m not in the mood for being around couples, okay?”

There was a resonating silence.

“Okay mate, whatever you want…” Ron replied, slightly hurt.

Hermione patted Harry on the head. “You sure you wouldn’t want to invite Dr…”

Harry swatted her.

“Huh?” Ron said.

“Nothing,” Hermione and Harry replied in unison. Hermione locked eyes with Harry. She suddenly realized that something had happened between him and Malfoy.

“Erm… Harry, I need you to come with me to the library to help research… erm… Divination.”

Ron looked at her in horror. “Since when did you study Divination?”

“There’s always a time to try new things, Ron. Now come along, Harry. We need to go to the library. Bye Ron! Let’s go, Harry. Right now.”

“Bye,” Ron replied, slightly confused.


It was now Friday night, and Harry was getting ready for his big night out. He wanted to wear jeans and a tee-shirt, but somehow Ginny convinced him that spandex and leather would be much more appropriate for the occasion.

Harry was relieved that his conversation with Hermione had gone over well last night. After they had left Ron, Harry had dropped all of the details about his break up with Malfoy, and Hermione was very understanding and supportive.

But now it was time for the date.

“How do I look?” Harry asked.

“You look ravishing, darling. I love skinny boys in leather.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?” Harry asked.

Ginny just pinched him on the rear.


“Alright, let’s go,” Ginny said.

“Where’s Wood?” Harry asked.

“He had a late Quidditch practice. He said he’s meet us at the pub.”

Harry nodded, and he and Ginny left to go to Merlin’s End. While they were hiking down to Hogsmeade, Harry turned to Ginny, who looked devastating in her body hugging pink latex get-up.

“Um… Ginny, is that what you’re going to wear to the Halloween Ball?” Harry asked.

Ginny glared at him. “Well of course not, we have to go dress robe shopping.”

“We do?” Harry asked confused.

“Well, I’m going to be your date, right?” Ginny stated.

“You are? Um… I never really thought much about it,” Harry replied.

“Great, well I accept,” Ginny said. “It was so sweet of you to ask.”

“Er… you’re welcome… I guess,” Harry replied uneasily.

“Just think… we’re gonna make Draco soooooooooooooooo jealous.”

“You’re evil, you know that,” Harry noted.

“No, I’m just a vindictive castrating bitch. You were right all along. But being vindictive has its benefits, and poor Drakey-Poo doesn’t know what he’s in for.”

Harry grinned as they arrived in Hogsmeade. Ginny led Harry to the secret entrance of Merlin’s End. Nervously, Harry stepped into the doorway.


Hermione, Ron, Neville and Cho arrived at The Three Broomsticks for dinner. It was still Friday night, and the couples were out for their first official double date. Hermione had convinced Dennis Creevey to take the night off, noting that she could protect Neville from his unofficial fan club. Hence, it was just the four of them.

After placing their orders, Cho put her arm around Ron and cooed:

“So, I thought Harry would be joining us.”

“Harry didn’t want to be around couples,” Ron replied. Hermione kicked him.

“Owww… Hermione,” Ron whined.

“That’s not it. Harry hasn’t been feeling well since his injury and he was feeling a bit claustrophobic and didn’t want to come out to this place on Friday night because it always gets so busy…”

“But he said...” Ron replied, before getting kicked again. “Owww!”

“Well, send him my regards,” Cho replied.

“So how has Harry been doing?” Neville asked. “I haven’t really talked to him much. Has he been dating?”

Hermione glared at Neville. “No, now can we please stop talking about Harry? I’m still very upset about his injury. I really can’t handle any more conversation about…”

“But Hermione, isn’t it interesting that both of us are dating and Harry’s still single. Maybe we should fix him up?” Ron asked enthusiastically. “Cho, I’m sure you know some great girls in Ravenclaw would love to date Harry.”

Cho and Hermione choked on their butterbeers simultaneously.

“Ron, why don’t we let Harry find himself… a nice… girl… yeah,” Cho replied awkwardly.

“Great idea, Cho,” Hermione said. “Let’s toast to not interfering in Harry’s sex life… I mean love life.”

Cho and Hermione toasted awkwardly. Neville watched them, amused. Ron was oblivious.

“On the subject of relationship, why don’t we talk about our past relationships,” Ron added, very upbeat.

Hermione groaned. “Fine. Just let’s not talk about Harry. Anyway, I’ve never had any real relationships before Neville. I mean, I causally dated Victor, but I never really took him seriously. Now it’s your turn, Neville.”

“I’ve never dated anyone either," Neville replied. "This is boring. Can we please talk about something other than dating or couples?”

“Wait, I’m next,” Cho explained. “And have I to tell you guys this one. You see, prior to Ron, I’ve had the worst luck with men. I mean… its been horrible! My first boyfriend was murdered, my second one was queer, and my last one always had a bloody headache. And people wondered why I am on Lithium? Isn’t that hilarious? Why isn’t anyone laughing?”

“Umm Cho, did you just say that your second boyfriend was queer?” Ron asked nervously.

Cho turned ghost pale. Hermione spit out her butterbeer.

“Yeah, I meant that he was really weird. Yeah, weird.”

Ron looked at Hermione, who was about to have an aneurism. He turned back to Cho.

“Wasn’t your second boyfriend Harry?” Ron asked even more nervously.

“Okay, this is all a misunderstanding,” Hermione said. “Neville, why don’t you teach Ron and Cho about the word Riaprian.”

Neville ignored her. “Ron, how could you be so dense? Why are we making such a big deal about Harry’s sexual preference. I mean… you knew, right?”

Hermione kicked Neville. He glared at her until he suddenly realized the gravity of his statement. Neville nervously turned toward Ron. Ron’s jaw dropped in horror. He looked at a ghost pale Cho and then a very guilty-looking Hermione and a sheepish Neville.

“You all knew, didn’t you? And nobody told me.”

“Ron, calm down,” Hermione said. “We all figured it out for ourselves. There was no privy information. It’s not a big deal. He’s still Harry. He’s still your best mate. Calm down!”

“Hermione, I know he told you. You’re just lying to protect him. Harry never tells anything to me. I’m always the last to know. I’m never good enough, right? He can’t trust me, right? I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE NOBODY TOLD ME!”

Ron stood up from his seat. The whole restaurant was suddenly silent. Everybody was watching Ron closely.

“Oh sod off, all of you!” Ron sneered, before angrily bolting out of the restaurant.

Hermione glared at Cho, pointing her finger at the door.

“What?” Cho asked.

“You got us into this mess, you get to deal with Ron. I need to go find Harry.”

Cho nodded and left. Neville turned to Hermione. “But I don’t get what the big deal is. I mean, I figured it out years ago…”

“Let’s go Neville,” Hermione replied, dumping a few sickles on the table and dragging Neville out of the restaurant.


Pansy was pretending to be entranced in a conversation with Draco about her new dress robe when actually she had been eavesdropping on the double date from hell the entire time. After Ron started screaming and stormed out of the room, Pansy looked over at Draco devilishly.

“So, Harry Potter’s a quiff. Good to know.”

Draco swallowed hard. “Yeah, good to know.”


Author’s Note: Chapter 11 is over, but burning questions remain. Will Harry and Draco ever get back together? Will Harry punish Draco for being a really bad, anticommunicative bastard? How do Pansy and Oliver fit into this fucked-up equation? Oh, and uh, will none of this matter if Ron murders Harry in Chapter 12?

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  • fanfiction

    so aside from (which refuses to die), where is the bulk of hp fanfiction posted these days? twitter? Posted via LiveJournal app…

  • Question

    So I was scrolling through a number of HP communities that I used to frequent when I was active in the fandom several years ago and a lot of them are…

  • Epilogue

    Hi all, So I saw DH Part Deux on Friday night and then immediately went home and reread Epilogue -- my slash parody of the DH epilogue that I…