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Tops, bottoms and Virginia

Hi all,

I have a hilarious story for you.

Well, daylyn came in town to visit me for the weekend and we drove down to stay with my cousin Rosie in Virginia (to get away from NYC).

Anyway, Rosie and her husband are staunch Catholic conservatives, and they have an adorable 12 year old son who's of course a democrat (the kid is also a CoS Tom Felton lookalike, only with brown hair and blue eyes).

Well, to make a long story short, on Sunday we were barbecuing hamburgers in their backyard when suddenly I hear:

Dad - "No! You have to have a bottom and a top."

So of course I turn around, wondering WTF is going on.

"But why can't I have two bottoms?" the 12 y/o whined, clutching the bottom half of two hamburger buns.

Mom - "Because then someone else is going to be stuck with two tops, and two tops clearly don't belong together."

I almost died. I couldn't even look at Daylyn bc we have such dirty, dirty minds.

But the best part was, the conversation didn't end there. Instead, the dad gave his son a strict five minute minileture on the appropriateness of the bottom-top bun relationship, and the conversation ended on a high point.

Dad - "Just think about how offended a foreign dignitary would get if he arrived in the States and was offered two bottoms."

Son - "But maybe he likes bottoms."

I just had to share that... :D
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