April 15th, 2004

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Disgruntled grad student LASSOED by hot undergrads in body paint!!!

I am not making this up!

I was on campus walking home from school tonight when I got lassoed by hot undergrads in body paint. I guess it was initiation night for the college "secret societies." But what the fuck do hot undergrads in body paint rearing fluorescent lassos have to do with academia?!!!!

Well, after being lassoed by one cowgirl with pigtails, I actually had the nerve to ask her what secret society she was in. So of course she said "It's secret," but not before calling all of her hot friends over to lasso me as well!

Geez - I think I got lassoed six times before I escaped from the painted sirens' clutches. I really needed to smoke a cigarette after the whole ordeal was over.

Gotta love college "secret society" initiation (too bad they won't initiate disgruntled grad students who spend way too much time writing and reading Harry Potter Slash)!