June 29th, 2004

Crookshanks Words: Liddow


I just read on CNN that JK Rowling has announced that the new Harry Potter book will be titled "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." Give me a fucking break! And I thought the rumored title, "Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch," was bad enough!

Why didn't she take MY suggestion - "Harry Potter and the Age Appropriate Consensual Relationship?" This time Harry realizes that he's sixteen and decides to act like it by dumping Cho and shagging Draco senseless. The horror! The horror!

All I have to say is if, in the sixth book, Harry turns out to be the "half blood prince" I am going to leap off a bridge... or at least pout for awhile... or maybe just write some Prince Harry/Queen Draco slash...

Grumble grumble...

EDIT: I was just informed by sparkletwinkle and morga that JK stated on her official website that Harry and Uncle Voldie won't be the mythical half-blood Prince. Well, maybe I'll write the Prince Harry/Queen Draco slash anyway... LOL!
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Draco teh sex: iconic_moon

Seven Days - Chapter 3

Seven Days - Chapter 3

September 16, 1996. Tuesday.

Day 1

Draco was really pissed. All these years, he had been saving his virginity so that his first time with Potter would be special, and now he was going to be fucked by a videoman with a 14 inch cock who… wait a minute? Did he just say he was saving his virginity for Potter?! That’s preposterous! Never! Ever! Ever! Although Harry does look like he has a nice package. No he doesn’t! He’s gross! Disgusting! Eeeew! Yuck! Mmmm… Mmmm? And since when had he started calling him Harry?

Draco slapped his face a few times. He must be hallucinating. The video had made him lose his mind. He had never been saving his virginal flower for Potter… obviously he always wanted his first time to be with… uh… Pansy… yeah Pansy… before she cracked-up, that is…
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