July 8th, 2004

Draco teh sex: iconic_moon

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This post contains links to all of my collected works in the Harry Potter fandom. All of my fanfiction is either co-authored with, or edited by, the brilliant daylyn, and it all contains SLASH! Enjoy!


The Very Secret LiveJournals (Hard R) (Parody)
These raunchy journal entries expose the burning, secret thoughts and desires of Hogwarts’ sex-crazed students and staff! Warning: contains excessive references to Harry’s eyes, Draco’s cherry, Wood’s panties, Vaseline, rope, cold showers, kinky leather goodies, and a virgin sacrifice for Uncle Voldie!

The Very Secret LiveJournals - Season Two (Hard R) (Parody)
This is the long-awaited sequel to The Very Secret LiveJournals.

Top Ten Lists (Hard R/NC-17) (Parody)
These are a few bitchy words of advice for rabid fangirls writing Harry Potter slash. The first list is entitled The Top Ten Things HP Fangirls Should Know Before They Write About Gay Sex! Any questions?

For a Spanish translation of The Top Ten Things HP Fangirls Should Know before They Even Attempt to Write About MPREG, click here.

The Very Secret Instant Messages (R) (Parody)
These raunchy instant messages expose the burning, secret thoughts and desires of Hogwarts’ sex-crazed students and staff! This series is a spin-off from our most popular Harry Potter parody, The Very Secret LiveJournals.

...And Then He Hit Puberty (PG-13) (Parody)
Rita Skeeter exposes Harry Potter's untold story of what happened after he hit puberty… based solely on unauthorized, uncorroborated interviews.

The VamPotter Chronicles (Hard R) (Humor)
Vampire!Draco is on the prowl. But will his whooping cough prevent him from seducing The Boy Who Lived?

The Misadventures of the Pink Protector (Hard R) (Humor)
In this post-war crack!fic, Harry lost his sense of purpose after defeating Voldemort. But soon Harry realizes that he will only achieve his true potential by assuming the secret identity of a superhero - The Pink Protector. Much crack ensues.


The UNAUTHORIZED Goblet of Fire (R) (Parody)
You've all seen the film… several times. But for those of you craving an unauthorized, uncensored view of what really happened during Harry's saucy, slashy fourth year at Hogwarts, read on…

Seven Days (Hard R) (Parody)
Virginal Draco Malfoy watches a mysterious raunchy homemade video, and then receives an owl indicating that he will be “deflowered in seven days,” unless he can first uncover the video’s sordid secrets.

Seven More Days (R) (Parody) (WIP)
This is the long-awaited sequel to Seven Days.

A Very Snarry Romance (PG-13) (Humor) (WIP)
Harry Potter wakes up and suddenly realizes that he’s gay and that he wants to shag the potions master. But will Hermione help him seduce the greasy git?

How To Shag Without Thinking A Happy Thought (Hard R) (Humor) (WIP)
The Second War is over. Lord Voldemort has won. Harry and Draco are in the same cell in Azkaban awaiting their execution. How convenient…

Who's Your Daddies? (PG-13) (Parody) (WIP)
This AU, MPREG, RPS, Crossover Parody was written in response to a LiveJournal post I made where I noted that American Idol finalist Anthony Fedorov looked like Harry/Draco's long lost MPREG lovechild. After receiving numerous requests to "write the fic," Daylyn and I finally broke down and agreed to do it. But hey, if we’re going to write the four worst genres in the fandom, why not do it all at once?

The War Within (R) (Humor/Angst) (WIP)
This saucy, romantic comedy, set in Harry's sixth year, involves an angsty, suicidal Harry whose love life gets completely revamped by a sex-crazed, manipulative red head. Will Ginny mastermind Harry’s seduction of his one true ferret? Does she have her own agenda? Hmm, let’s think...


Epilogue (R) (Parody)
You've all read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But for those who crave an unauthorized, uncensored view of what really happened during the final book’s epilogue - nineteen years after Harry's saucy, slashy romp at Hogwarts - read on...

While on his deathbed, Severus makes a final request of Harry, his vampire lover. (PG-13) (Romance/Angst) (Character death)

Touch (NC-17) (Romance/Angst)
While sharing an intimate moment with Draco, Harry remembers his past.

The Last Horcrux (PG-13) (Romance/Angst/Humor)
In the aftermath of Harry's duel with Voldemort, Harry and Severus realize that there is one last Horcrux that has yet to be destroyed.

BLACKOUT (Hard R) (Humor/Horror)
Harry's failed attempts at kinky Halloween sex lead to three gruesome murders. But Harry doesn't remember them because he blacked out before the killings occurred. In an attempt to acquit Harry of these charges, Sibyll Trelawney hypnotizes him in order to unleash the buried memories.

Who Has The Will? (R) (Parody)
In this politically-correct "PWPWP" (Porn without the Plot without the Porn), Harry embarks on an all important quest to find Albus Dumbledore's will. Much censored shagging ensues.

Troll in the Fandom (R) (Parody)
Harry Potter and his friends gather together to read an advance copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when they receive news from a troll in the fandom about who is going to die.

How To Make Your Mary Sue Purrrrrrrfect! (PG-13) (Parody) (written with pirate_chick69)
Here are a few words of advice for embryonic HP fangirls who want to make their brilliant original characters purrrrrrfect!

The Reunion (R) (Angst)
Harry and Draco meet at a Hogwarts reunion and imagine the first date they never had.

Draco Decides To Die (PG-13) (Angst)
This is my belated entry for Switchknife's Dysfunctionalia challenge.

An Analysis of Love in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This essay analyzes the underlying theme of love in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

His Screams Fill The Night (R) (Angst)
This is probably the most disturbing drabble I have ever written.


This is a collection of my Harry Potter drabbles.

Humorous Posts
This is a collection of my funniest LiveJournal posts.
Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Seven Days - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

September 17, 1996. Wednesday.

Day 2

Draco Malfoy arrived at Professor Snape’s office early Wednesday morning to discuss the mysterious video. Snape had confiscated the original last night, and Draco was very curious whether the Professor could help him discern who the well-endowed mystery man really was.

“Good morning, Professor,” Draco stated, glancing around Snape’s dingy office.

“Sit down, Draco,” Snape replied, pointing to a chair stained with armadillo bile from an explosion last week.

“Umm… I’d rather stand, thanks,” Malfoy replied sheepishly.

Snape walked around his desk so that he was standing next to his prodigy and draped his arm casually around Draco’s shoulders.

“Very well… you should know that I watched your cherry-popping video last night.”
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