September 22nd, 2004

Crookshanks Words: Liddow


Hi all,

Today is not a good day. I went online and found that a lot of the comments that I received on posts made in January 2004 had been deleted. In particular, The Very Secret LiveJournals Chs 1 and 2 were stripped of all of their reviews.

I e-mailed LJ headquarters and they gave me the "developers are standing by to look into this problem" line, which effectively means that I'm screwed... at least until they figure out why this is happening to my LJ.

My LJ was built on the success of The Very Secret LiveJournals. Chs 1 and 2 were in fact the first two posts ever made to this LJ, and, in my view, the 50+ comments received on each chapter were as much a part of the story as the text itself. Now I look at the two chapters and they look naked.

And so today I am sad. Thanks for listening.

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