October 27th, 2004

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Barfing with Dolphins (or, how to end a great holiday with a heave)

Ahh, so my Australia/New Zealand adventure has come to an end. And now that the memories are fresh in hand, I thought I'd share one with you - it was daylyn's inspirational vision - we had to "Swim with Dolphins." Mind you, I can't swim to save my life, but of course I went along because I was such a sucker good friend.

Well, we arrive in Kaikoura, NZ and take this boat out into the FREEZING ocean. And so I ask the staff about (dare I say it) flotation devices for the... er... people who would otherwise sink with dolphins. And this bitch looks at me and hands me a boogie board. You know, the little fluorescent one you give your six year old to paddle around in three feet of water? Yeah, that one. Fifteen minutes later, there I was, in the water, TRAUMATIZED with dolphins, splashing around and gasping for breath like a dying animal waiting to sink to my watery grave with dolphins, and of course Daylyn is having a grand ole' time.

And the irony was that all of the perfect swimmers were darting around the sea making stupid noises trying to attract the dolphins and the dolphins were flocking over to me because I looked like a pathetic animal in distress - or, one hell of a STUPID funny human.

By the time I was back on the boat I was ghost pale. And then came the pink pail... and then... BLEH! So this was a lovely little adventure (bloody Daylyn and her ideas). Hence the title of this post, Swimming Barfing with Dolphins.

For the Seven Days enthusiasts, you can expect ch 11 in two days, and a new chapter of The Very Secret LiveJournals will be out soon.

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