December 26th, 2004

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Santa Comes to Walmart

Hi all,

I have a very funny story for you.

When my bf's cousin, Martha, was young, her mother would take her to Walmart to pick out her Christmas presents, and then put all of the presents on layaway. Then her Mom convinced her that, if she was a good little girl, Santa Clause would fly his sleigh to Walmart to pick up the presents and then put them under her Christmas tree.

So if you woke up Christmas morning and were wondering where all those presents came from, well now you know Santa picked them up from Walmart on layaway.

Excuse me but... LMFAO!

ETA: mercurialqueen also has a hilarious Santa story. Apparently, her mother would take her to K-Mart to buy her her Christmas presents on Christmas eve and then would convince her that Santa would break into the trunk of her family car during the night if he decided that she was good enough.