February 26th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

The First Official Walt Disney Freaky Peep Show

Hi all,

So I am in Los Angeles at the moment, and yesterday daylyn and I went to Disneyland and while there I received my first (unwanted) freaky peep show from a bitter middle-aged mother of four.

You see, we were all waiting for a table in the foyer of the Blue Bayou (a New Orleans restaurant that is built inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) when suddenly the mother next to me decides to pull down her already low cut top and reach INTO HER BRA to remove her cell phone and answer it in one fluid movement - thus giving me full exposure to her D cup breasts. Suffice it to say my jaw DROPPED when this occurred.

But before I could even close my jaw, she decided to hang up her cell phone and put it back into her brassiere, in one fluid movement again. I was so in shock I almost pulled out a dollar and tipped her.

Anyway, daylyn, who was seated next to me, missed the entire spectacle.

Why is it always me?