April 10th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Trivia Question

Hi all,

Okay, pretend this is the SATs. I have a really difficult trivia question for you.

What do: Cassandra Claire, Switchknife, A.J. Hall and Arrmaitee all have in common?

A) They all write fanfiction
B) They all write Harry Potter slash fanfiction
C) They all write Harry Potter slash fanfiction and post it on their LiveJournals
D) They all collectively hacked into xxpinkshoos69xx's former friends-only live journal, stole pictures of her in bathing suits at a pool party, and posted them all over the internet on "dirty sites," in violation of the LJ TOS and a few international child pornography laws.
E) All of the above

Unfortunately, this isn't a joke. This sockpuppet troll made these absolutely disgusting, outrageous, defamatory allegations against us and over 160 other other Harry Potter slash authors and fans on her LiveJournal on Friday, and then asked all of her readers to ban us from their LJs in order to protect themselves from being hacked by us as well. And the disturbing part is, some stupid people actually believed it!

At first, I was fuming. I've never been libeled before, and these allegations are pretty outrageous. But then I just started laughing. After all:


I just received word that the brilliant titti and beren_writes, who were also libeled by this troll, raised such a stink that the ban list was finally taken down from Pinky's personal LiveJournal. But it's still posted on many different communities.
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