April 12th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

Let's Friend The Blacklist!

Hi all,

In the wake of xxpinkshoos69xx's outrageous allegations that 168 people (mostly HP slash fanfiction writers and readers) had collectively hacked into her LiveJournal, stolen her under-age "private" photos and posted them to "dirty" sites in an underhanded attempt to convince other LJ users to ban us, I realized that she had compiled an AWESOME LIST of people who really deserve to be friended.

ETA: Thank you all for participating in my little friending frenzy. We've had at least 40 people friend the members of the blacklist, which is amazing and shows that you LJers all really care. That being said, after speaking with angelofmercy and kc_anathema, I discovered that a number of blacklisted users had nothing to do with the fandom.

As such, I have decided to pull the list and will post a retraction list tomorrow for LJs that either have asked to opt out or are unrelated to the fandom. After that, we just have to drop by and say hello to all our new friends!

Thanks again for all of your feedback and participation in this friending event. And for those of you who are new to my LiveJournal, WELCOME!