April 29th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

The Sockpuppet Troll

Hi all,

I might be completely on crack, but is this the same girl as xxpinkshoos69xx?

And is it a coincidence that the first girl goes by the name Karly and the sockpuppet troll goes by Katy?

Cause the two girls look DAMN similar!

For those who don't know, xxpinkshoos69xx is a sockpupper troll who had made outrageous allegations that me and 167 other people (mostly HP slash fanfiction writers and readers) had collectively hacked into her LiveJournal, stolen her under-age "private" photos and posted them to "dirty" sites in an underhanded attempt to convince other LJ users to ban us.

ETA: Even if the pictures of the two girls are the same, we still need to be aware that the troll might have lifted the icon picture from anothr LJ - unless she wanted to be caught.