May 4th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

To the American Idol fans...

Hallelujah! Scott is gone! It's about bloody time!

I am so glad that Anthony is safe. He looks like a cross between Harry and Draco, and it is his 20th birthday. So we have to keep him for at least another week.

And as for the "shocking expose" of Paula Abdul's alleged affair with Corey Clark, give me a fucking break! That was the biggest bunch of bull shit that I've seen on Prime Time TV in a while. ABC should be ashamed of itself for airing that exploitative crap.

My favorite part was when Corey said Paula bought him this very expensive outfit, but... er... she paid cash so he can't prove it. And then he said that they went out clubbing together, but... um... no one saw them together, except his two very credible buddies from "da hood." Er... he must think we're really stupid to believe his apocryphal tale of an "innocent" ghetto youth (with an arrest record) being seduced by an aggressive, devious older female celebrity (yeah, and Paula seems so aggressive and deviant).

This was clearly just a cheap ploy to give publicity to an ousted, forgotten AI wannabe who hasn't been on television for two years, and who is grasping at straws just to sell his new album, "PaulaTics."

I think I'm going to be sick.