September 13th, 2005

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

You wont believe this but...

Hi all,

You won't fucking believe this, but I was working late tonight at the office when the phone rings. I answer it.

"Hello," says a man seductively.

"Hi," I reply, wondering who this is.

"Don't you remember me," he continues mysteriously, "from Fire Island?"

"Er no..." I reply, disturbed. "Who are you?"

It turns out that my gay coworker had picked up this twink on Fire Island, New York, and mistakenly told him where he worked. So Mr. One Night Stand decided to look my coworker up on the online company directory, but he only knew the guy's first name, so he called me thinking I was him because we share the same first name!

ETA: My esteemed coworker DENIES knowing Mr. One Night Stand, and dismissed the call saying, "I meet a lot of people on Fire Island."