January 6th, 2006

Crookshanks Words: Liddow

My Dark Fics

Hi all,

A number of new members of my flist mentioned, after reading my latest dark ficlet The Reunion, that they weren't aware that I ever wrote anything other than fluffy slash parodies.

While infrequent, I have dabbled in writing dark angsty fanfiction before. I once wrote a ficlet entitled Draco Decides To Die, which was my entry for Switchknife's Dysfunctionalia challenge.

I also wrote a drabble with daylyn entitled His Screams Fill The Night. This is the most disturbing work I have ever written.

I have also worked with Daylyn on her dark Harry/Draco vampire fic entitled, A Cry in the Dark.

Finally, my still unfinished 6th year fanfic, The War Within, which will be finished this year, has its angsty moments.

So there you have it. My dark side - at least as it has been expressed in fanfiction. But hopefully soon I will post a few more fics to add to this brief list.