March 2nd, 2006

Brokeback 2: illyria1985

Brokeback slash...

So I started reading fics on the community brokebackslash today and was horrified! Now I, like the vast majority of the HP slash fandom, spent over two hours salivating during the film Brokeback Mountain, and must admit that was the slashiest film I have ever seen.

That being said, poorly written Wyoming hick slash is a crime against nature! Come on, people - fangirls need to know their creative limitations! As it is, most fanfiction authors (myself included) can't seem to grasp how to write a British dialect to save their lives. But at least we generally don't attempt to write British English in our slash fics if we can't do it.

Brokeback Slash, however, is riddled with appallingly bad dialogue, such as:

"Junior, d’you ever remember a friend o’ mine, name o’ Jack Twist?"

"Jack" whispers Ennis, "from today we are brand new, no more lying past, today just you and me little darlin."

"Bobby, your Mamma an’ me, we both love you. We just don’t love each other, not sure if’n we ever did. If’n we didn’t do this now, we end up hating each other, an’ that’d only end up hurtin’ you. You understand, son?"

And some of it is down right offensive:

"Pedro charges twenty American dollars for what I want. Ten dollars' worth isn't going to be enough tonight. Okay, so his name probably isn't really Pedro. Probably Esteban or Jorge or something. But it's shorthand. In the alley, they're all 'Pedro'."

But my absolute favorite is:

"I’d love for you to lick my balls, Ennis," Jack says.