August 13th, 2006

Harry Hermione Ron: lemonwar


The Misadventures of the Pink Protector


Arrmaitee and Daylyn

Prologue: Lord Voldemort was dead. The Wizarding World was saved. And in her infinite wisdom, J.K. killed off Ginny and Tonks in the seventh book and offered Snape a reprieve. So the slash fandom was quite content overall.

But I wasn't. My life was dreadfully empty. I lacked meaning… a purpose… a reason to live. How could I, The Chosen One, have peaked at a ripe age of eighteen? Had my destiny already been fulfilled? Was I a one-trick pony, doomed to obscurity and convention circuits now that I had done my duty?

Bloody hell, how could my life be over already? I hadn’t even had sex yet!
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