January 10th, 2007

Harry garters: laurel_tx

Flist haircut

Hi all,

Last night, I gave my flist a desperately needed haircut (thanks to my new friend Semagic). If you've friended my LJ you most likely would not have been cut. I was just looking at LJs that I've friended who have not friended me back to see if I actually read them and, if not, why I'm still there. I also found out that I was still a member of anthony_fedorov. Scary.

Anyway, now that I've made some room on my flist, if there's anyone who wants to be friended or would like to be moved over from arrmaitee_jr to arrmaitee, let me know. This especially makes sense if you like to comment, because I screen non-friend comments.


ETA: I should note that you can comment on my LJ even if your post is screened. I just have to unscreen the post before it is visible.