August 29th, 2007

GOF slash moment: laurel_tx


Hi all,

So last night I had the most BIZARRE dream. I was in a 50's cafe - something a la Johnny Rockets - and I saw a number of the customers sneaking out of the cafe and not coming back. So I followed this blonde country girl and her boyfriend out of the cafe to see where they were going, and they led me to a secluded parking lot in the back. When I got there I was quite surprised to see at least six different couples fucking in the parking lot.

My eyes immediate darted to two familiar faces shagging in the center of the lot - Remus and Draco! Now bear in mind that I have never shipped Remus and Draco before so I was SHOCKED to see Draco bouncing up and down in Remus's lap straddling his pogo-stick like a veteran gay porn star.

I distinctly recall thinking -- is that a SHIP?

And that's when I woke up.


ETA: As a tribute to this dream, if you have any Remus/Draco fics, please post a link here. Thanks.