Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Brisbane: From the ridiculous to the sublime

Hi all,

We have another funny story for you. Well, daylyn and arrived in Brisbane, Australia about two days ago at about 2:00 PM and things seemed good. I mean, we heard from just about every backpacker that we should avoid Brisbane, but Daylyn wanted to go to the Australia Zoo to see the Crocodile Hunter, and I was just her tag along bitch.

Anyway, we arrive at the train station and, while I left to get the schedule for the "crocodile train" to Beerwah (um... a nice name for a commuter rail that happens to stop near the zoo), and Daylyn was booking our accommodations. Note to self - NEVER LET DAYLYN BOOK THE BACKPACKERS ACCOMMODATIONS!

Well, we arrived at the "hostile" and then I saw our room. There was one SMALL bed, dingy carpeting that hadn't been vacuumed since Australia was colonized, no natural light, a 2 by 4 broken TV and an air conditioner that was circulating the mold in the walls to ensure that I inhaled all of it.

So after suffering in that dive for a few hours (and buying a 10 pack of Claritin), I managed to convince Daylyn that we really needed to get the fuck out of that hell hole. Remarkably, Daylyn agreed, especially since she noticed that she needed allergy medicine as much as I did, and she doesn't have any allergies!

So we left the hostile and started on a journey to find "other" accommodations at around 9 PM that night. Well, I was willing to go to another "decent" backpackers, but Daylyn was so skanked out by that other dive that she wanted to go to the Holiday Inn. But it was booked. And so was the Sheraton, and the Comfort Suites, and every other decent hotel in the city.

So things were looking very grim, but then Daylyn decided to redeem herself and started sweet talking the Sheraton receptionist to give her an executive club room (at a regular room price) because she is a member of their Starwood club. And bloody hell it worked! So, a few minutes later, we were booked in an Executive Club Room at the Brisbane Sheraton on the 26th floor with a panoramic view of the city. Talk about a change of venue!

So life was suddenly good. And now onto the next adventure!

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