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Halloween Debacle: The Vampire LeSting

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you an amusing Halloween debacle.

So, as many of you know, I arrived back on NYC on Saturday from my two month long trek across the USA, Australia and New Zealand. And, while traveling, I started reading the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles (I am in the middle of Queen of the Damned at the moment). So obviously I decided that I had to be an Anne Rice vampire for Halloween.

Well, as I am a tall, blonde-haired bloke, Lestat seemed like the most appropriate choice. So I put on porcelain foundation (to give myself the pale but not too pale "vapiric" look) and made my lips stained red (like I had just fed), and the put on an all black outfit covered by a long black trench coat.

So, when I looked in the mirror, I was sure that I was a modern day Lestat (with short cropped blonde hair, that is). Well, I go to the NYC Halloween parade and all of these people start coming up to me saying, "Oh my God, you're Sting! What a fantastic costume. You look just like him."

The first comment I blew off. By the fifth, I just replied, "OF COURSE I'm Sting, I'm just the biggest Police fan ever!" Under my breath, of course, I am muttering, "Bugger. Bugger! BUGGER!"

Amusingly, I actually explained to one teenage girl that I was in fact not Sting but an eighteenth century vampire that wanted to drink her blood, and she replied, "Oh, so you're Sting dressed up as an eighteenth century vampire. That is totally chic."

Now leave it to me to get dressed up like an Anne Rice Eighteenth Century vampire and have everyone think I'm Sting, but such is my life. Well, maybe next year I'll dress up as Louis... with VERY well-defined fangs.

Then again, people will surely assume that I am The Vampire LeSting... whatever.
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