Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,


Hi all,

So apparently my H/D fanfic Seven Days was nominated for a Multifaceted Fanfiction Award in the categories of Laughter (The Humor Award) and Desire (The Slash Smut Award).

To whoever gave me the anonymous nominations, thank you. That was very thoughtful of you.

Anyway, does anyone know much about these fanfiction awards? The only HP awards that I was familiar with were the ones from Pure Magnetism (an H/D fansite) that happened about two years ago. But apparently the MFA has been around for three years. So any information about these awards would be useful.

On other fronts, I actually got a lot of writing done this weekend. The Very Secret Instant Messages, Chapter 1, is finally complete (pending a final beta from daylyn), and I am about halfway done with my fifth Top Ten List (The Top Ten Things HP Fangirls Should Know Before They Write About Malfoycest or Weasleycest).

So expect some new parodies out soon.

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