Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Updating fics

Hi all,

Now that HBP is here, I've been mulling over whether I should "update" some of my fics so that they don't all become "AU."

Specifically, I was thinking of updating:

The Very Secret Instant Messages
How To Shag Without Thinking A Happy Thought
...And Then He Hit Puberty
A Very Snarry Romance

I am not planning to update Seven Days, since it is already completed, but might consider setting the forthcoming sequel, Seven More Days, in the seventh year.

As for The War Within, I really just need to finish that fic, though it will remain a 6th year fic.

I am not planning to update Who's Your Daddies?, since the fic wouldn't really work as well if I updated it to reflect the HBP spoilers.

The Very Secret Livejournals and The VamPotter Chronicles will not need any "updating," since they are not really affected.

Any thoughts?
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