Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Fic recs, The Very Secret LJs, and other thoughts

Hi all,

I just spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe, and am now back in New York City working with daylyn on the latest installment of The Very Secret LiveJournals, Season Two (Ronald Weasley) and a snarky new Top Ten List (Malfoycest/Weasleycest). So life is good!

Which reminds me - I am in the mood to read slash fanfiction and I need some recs. I tend to prefer H/D or Snarry fics, but am open to any SHIP and any genre so long as it is well written and does not contain MPREG, RPS or Mary Sues. Sadly, I haven't read a really good fanfic since Dragon Tamer, so I'm open to all recs, not just newer fanfics.

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone who reviewed my HBP parody Troll in the Fandom and recced it on their LiveJournals. The response to that one-shot fic was absolutely overwhelming.

I love my flist!

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