Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Superman Returns

Hi all,

Am I the only person who hated Superman Returns?

First of all, there is something just unbelievable about a man of steel blowing out fires with his mouth and flying all over the city in his gay get-up looking like he was about to attend a costume party at a West Hollywood bath house.

Moreover, I know Routh is hot, but his big bulging eyes were a bit distracting. And it was so unbelievable that Lois wouldn't have figured out Kent was Superman since they looked IDENTICAL - even with the tacky glasses. And since when does Superman's son have allergies... and asthma? What the fuck?

I also just had general issues with the film itself. The notion that Lois would win a Pulitzer Prize for some stupid work about Superman not being Necessary in the World is so preposterous that it borders on insulting. And what was up with the the whole - lets grow a new continent - premise and how did Lex Luther get to Krypton to get the crystals in the first place? And why were we subjected to the overly dramatic and unnecessary voice-overs from Superman's dad?

And finally - Superman shagged Lois - and they don't even grace us with a gratuitous flashback? And wouldn't her womb be ripped to shreds by his "cock of steel" and "semen of steel"?

Anyway, as you can see - I didn't love the film and its gaping plot holes. But I do concede that Routh is hot.

Whatever. I'm still waiting patiently for Spiderman 3. At least that movie looks good.
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