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Hi all,

So I just got back from seeing the movie Dreamgirls. Honestly, I was not blown away. The movie was the bizarre love child of Chicago and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Moreover, Beyonce looked like a man for the first half of the movie and Eddie Murphy looked like an aging transvestite. I was like WTF?

As for Jennifer Hudson (or should I call her J. Hud.), she did a good job. But her singing wasn't OMFG!teh!bezt!ever and I don't know what kinda crack people are smoking if they think she's gonna get an Oscar nomination for acting overly melodramatic for two hours straight. And my other gripe with the film was that the Jamie Foxx's character was very one dimensional. He was almost a caricature of a man.

So those are my thoughts. I am not including any spoilers that you wouldn't get from watching Oprah's Dreamgirls One-Hour Spectacular, but I put this behind a cut just to be safe.

So overall it was good - 7 out of 10 - just not amazing.
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