Arrmaitee (arrmaitee) wrote,

Wardrobe malfunction

Hi all,

So there I am at work yesterday, doing my job, when suddenly I hear fabric ripping. I looked down and saw that my slacks ripped. Riiiiiiiiiiiip... And not only did they rip, oh they ripped good. My right buttock literally looked as exposed as Janet Jackson's breast at the Super Bowl (with the "removable flap" that used to be part of her wardrobe before it "malfunctioned").

Well, fortunately I had a trench coat with me, so I spent the day walking around the office wearing my coat (and getting very strange looks, I might add). And I would just smile and say, "I'm so cold. It's just freezing in here" or "Sorry, I'm recovering from a cold and I need to take extra precautions."

It was actually over 75 degrees and I was roasting. But what's a bloke to do?
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