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Promiscuous boy...

Hey folks,

What's the definition of a promiscuous boy (a la Nelly Furtado's song)? This was asked in the following post on an all gay community, which got some amusing, some honest and some slightly disturbing answers. The best excerpts are as follows:

Define "promiscuous". With YOUR genuine opinion...not WEBSTERS

Is a guy who goes on and invites someone home promiscuous?

How about, you go out to a club, meets someone, dance the night away or just connect for a few hours and then you go home that promiscuous?

Is it only a label for the guys who hang out in parks, bathhouses, Interstate bathrooms?

What's the difference in being sexually active, and promiscuous?


1. I think, if you have to ask, then yes.

2. King County Health defines it as six or more partners in one year. I define it as six or more partners in one month.

3. "Promiscuous" would be having frequent changes in partners (like a new guy every week or every day).

4. In a survey, the average number of sexual partners reported by women was 8.6, and by men was 31.9 (which doesn't make sense, and was the subject of a further study). "Promiscuous" is a horribly loaded word, and it's hard to imagine a context in which it might be used positively, however it would seem reasonable to base a definition on the statistical distribution of lifetime sexual partners, say at the 95% percentile threshold. It's not too hard for an uninhibited gay man to pass the threshold on a single good night out at the tubs, for which I am happy and grateful.

5. I'm not sure, but the people hanging out in bathouses and interstate bathrooms are well past promiscuous.

6. A promiscuous person is a person who engages in self-destructive behaviour when it comes to sex. It doesn't matter how many partners you have: it matters how much sex takes over your life, whether you lose close relationships because of it. Trying to define it through a number of sex partners is just silly.

7. I would say when you have lost count of how many partners, and have to estimate to the nearest hundred, you're promiscuous. (I'm at about 400-450)

8. Anyone getting laid more than you are. LOL

For the record, Websters defines promiscuous as "not restricted to one sexual partner".

Any thoughts?
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