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I know - it has been ages since I've posted on my LJ. Heck, I still haven't even posted my thoughts on JK outing Dumbledore... *shudders*

Anyway, I hope all is well in the fandom since I went on hiatus a few months back. Anyone care to fill me in on what's going on?
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November 26 2007, 04:50:39 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  November 26 2007, 04:53:09 UTC

Actually there was a lot of wank over gay Dumbledore. And Steve Vander Ark was an even bigger ass than he had previously demonstrated himself to be.

Here are my posts about DumbleGAYte (I totally just thought of that!):
Brief, initial reaction, before I knew there'd be a big controversy

My response to all the people claiming that it wasn't appropriate on the grounds that JKR didn't reveal any other character's orientation. Seriously.

And one more from me.

Here are posts by other people that also make very good points:

Then Steve Vander Ark is an ass, which people started out saying with the qualifier that it was an unpopular opinion in fandom but I'm pretty sure absolutely everybody agreed with it.

And I posted these awesome pictures of my cat. Now you are back up to speed on the internets.

(Gah, edited to fix html typo)
Thanks for the update. I love the fact that Dumbledore is gay is the subject of massive wank. As for Steve Vander Ark, he's a total ass. He should have gotten the rights to publish the book. The last thing we need is J.K. shutting down the fandom to protect her copyright and trademark rights.

Is Equus going to NY?
BTW - the pics of your cat are great!
Good to hear from you. I've tried to avoid teh wank. It only varied in terms of its vileness.
So how have you been?
Busy busy busy. I have theatre reviews to write by next Monday and I've only written one so far.
I... I have some news, Arrie! But it's from a totally different perspective than the other people have been giving and I don't want you to get offended. It's not exactly wank, but it's just... different is all.

May I, my friend?

Of course!
I apologise in advance if you are indeed a fan of that boy who own mugglenet. Requesting your oppinion at the end.

The fandom exploded with both joy and anger at Dumbledore's outing. Most of the happiness, though wasn't from the gay community. The papers over here have been hinting that she might've done it as one last grab at the limelight. I personally would have bought it if she hadn't added in the line about "if I knew it was going to make you this happy, I'd have told you a long time ago". See, I SAW articles that said both she and Warner Brothers knew full well about slash fiction. It even had a link to Irresistible Poison, by Rhysenn in it. So I'm watching her...

Then there was an epic Orange Crushers/Non-Crushers war over the "wizard of the month" post by JK. Admittedly, I accidentally started that. I swear to you it was a misunderstanding over font codes. The Ginstapo (the Ginny fans that give Ginny a bad name) are very sensitive.

Over at Gaiaonline's Harry Potter Subform, there have been battles breaking out because one intrepid reader misread "Victorie" as Victor" and decided she liked the pairing of Transsexual (Male to female)-Victorie/Teddy. I too liked it because the T-community's very un-represented. Other wankers did NOT.

JK's lawsuit has also gotten a lot of frowns, mostly because emmy spittle (not worth the capitalization) put out his own books and he never gets anything. I feel sorry for the bloke putting the encyclopedia out. What I heard was that he was planning it for a while and that it was for charity. I say we give him slack, 'specially after the slack spitz has gotten.

You already know all about Ponderosa and her bannination and the new Friends Only policies for most smut!exchanges.

F.A.P has had a rash of new threads, such as C.S Ginny Bashing, Extra Book info, the Love it or Leave it attitude in the fandom, and James Bashing. Dak, the crator of C.S Male Slash also started a "Who is best for Harry? Ginny, Hermione, or Luna?" thread. He utterly refused to allow any arguments for males. It was basically a "Ginny/Harry= OTP FOREVAR!" thread, but he's getting it stuck to him. He got his arse royally owned in his "Harry's not Oedipal!" thread, too.

Positive news? Hannah's with Neville (it's sorta sweet for het... kiiinda) and there's a thread at F.A.P where people are to post things that they like about a ship they don't support. Turns out the most admired ship (by my count...) is H/Hr because they stuck through it despite how nasty people have been to them.

And finaly, Mike_Smith's Potter Reviews are almost over.

Well, Arrie, what says you? Tell me, how did you take the "Harry Ginny Soulmates" thing? I personally shook my head and disregarded it as best as possible. I like your version better (with a little Ron/Viktor on the side, mmm, yes) but tips on dealing with harsh realities/dissapointing fan news would be highly appreciated.