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Hi all,

I just wanted to drop you all a note to say a quick hello. I am now putting the finishing touches on my extensive graduate school thesis (which is due tomorrow). I still can't believe that I graduate on May 24!!!!

On other fronts, given the fantastic response to my hpvamp ficlet that I posted last week, I have decided to turn that entry into a fanfic entitled The VamPotter Chronicles, and use it to write funny, dark HP-related vignettes from time to time. The next one, which will be posted after I graduate, will involve a newly resurrected Sirius and werewolf Remus. That's all I am going to say...

For those of you who like The Very Secret LiveJournals, you have to watch the Saturday Night Live, Harry Potter sketch that was aired this past weekend. It was friggin hilarious!!!! You can download it here.

Finally, you all should definitely drop by and visit daylyn. She is my co-creator/beta/collaborator for The Very Secret LiveJournals, as well as a diehard Snarry shipper. Also, her drabble His Screams Fill The Night is amazing! I have great expectations for her new LiveJournal!

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