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Arrmaitee's LiveJournal

A Dirty Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

20 September
My Fanfiction Archives:

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Forever Fandom * AdultFanFiction
The Silver Snitch

Hi all,

I'm a disgruntled American bloke (over age 18) with a dirty mind and not a lot of time on my hands. I completed graduate school, and now I am moving to Los Angeles to start a new life, write loads of Harry Potter parodies, and, before joining the working world, watched lots of opera, ballet and off-Broadway theater.

I'm totally obsessed with the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter slash fanfiction.

Duckpuppy's Gorgeous Drawing of Neville

I have written loads of Harry Potter parodies, including The Very Secret LiveJournals and Seven Days (all of which can be found here).

I am thecofounder of hphumor, a closed community which promotes the creation of hilarious slash fanfiction and fanart.

I also moderate hpfanboys, a safe haven for disgruntled, disenfranchised blokes.

Osi's Incredible Malfoy Manip

My LiveJournal is the primary place where I make online journal posts and host fanfiction. I also maintain online journals at GreatestJournal, JournalFen, and DeadJournal, but I rarely post in those journals.

Friending Policy: If you friend me, I will friend you back. You do not need to ask my permission. If I have accidentally overlooked friending you and you want to be friended, then leave me a comment and I'll add you.

Importantly, however, as I have reached my maximum limit of friends on my primary LiveJournal, I will friend you back on arrmaitee_jr, which I created solely for the purpose of friending people.

As a final note, this journal contains adult material and is only intended for those over the legal age in their respective country.

I hope you enjoy my very slashy LiveJournal!


A big hug to titti for my awesome birthday card!

Happy Birthday Arrmaitee

A big thanks to killer_the_cat and harpsiccord for the awesome Arrmaitee fanart!

The Official King of Sick and Twisted

The Shakespeare of Slash

If you want to know the meaning of my name "Arrmaitee," click here.

If you are new to the fandom are are looking for an awesome fanfiction glossary, click here.

For those abused and neglected het fans out there, I offer you a banner of the only het pairing that you'll find on my LiveJournal - Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

Who else is love?

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CREDITS - in descending order:
The author of the gorgeous Neville Longbottom artwork is Duckpuppy.
The author or the incredible Malfoy manip is taliosi_x.
The author of the awesome birthday card is titti.
The author of the beautiful King of Sick and Twisted banner is killer_the_cat.
The author of the brilliant Ron on his knees fanart is harpsiccord.
The author of the awesome Spiderman banner is spider_girl1991.
The author of the Who Else is Love Banner is pseudomonas.
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